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Considering abortion?  Understand
        But what if I'm staunchly pro-choice?  Then, you'll want to read this > > > 

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      Let's say you're considering an elective abortion.  First, elective means that you have a choice about whether you should have the procedure or not.  Sometimes surgeries or medical procedures are done on an emergency basis to save a life, but an elective abortion is not like that.  You have to decide to have one.  Maybe in your deciding process about having an abortion you have consulted with an abortion clinic and gotten their opinion about your options.

      That's where getting a second opinion comes in.  It just stands to reason:  if you're considering any sort of elective medical or surgical procedure -- and that's what an abortion is -- you'd want a second opinion, right? 

      For instance, if you visited a foot doctor to have something as simple as one of your little toenails removed because you were having a problem with it, you'd want to find out certain important things. 

     You might wonder if the procedure is really medically necessary for your general health.  You'd probably also be interested in learning what the possible risks and complications of the surgery and medications are; and, of course, you'd want to verify the credentials of the doctor who would be doing the procedure.

     So, surely, before you'd let anyone mess around with your delicate insides with suction tubes or curettes (scrapers) or give you a chemotherapy drug to end the life of your forming baby to start an elective abortion procedure, you'd want to find out the details.  You lose nothing by getting a 'second opinion' any time it comes to any health-related issue. 

     An elective abortion is often a complicated, pain-inducing, comparatively expensive procedure with an absolutely horrendous list of possible complications.   
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     If you want a second medical opinion consultation for your abortion and are in Central Florida, we can offer you a free consultation with a nurse and sonographer who will review your case, verify your pregnancy with a free pharmaceutical-grade urine test, verify your real due date with a complimentary (free) ultrasound, and tell you if yours is a viable pregnancy that could carry to term.  If you're in the process of miscarrying, naturally, there would be no point in seeking an abortion.  This second opinion consultation will give you real facts concerning your particular pregnancy. 

     Because these services are free to you, you can rest assured that benefiting from your situation in a monetary way is never a consideration, as it is when you seek an abortion at a clinic where you will have to pay to receive their services.

     If you wish to speak with a trained pregnancy counselor in complete confidentiality to learn more about the details of any abortion procedure and the complications you might suffer afterwards, or to obtain a referral for the free second opinion service, please call A Center For Women:  (407) 628-5433.   We're in the Orlando area, but will help you find help and resources for your crisis pregnancy, regardless of where you may be located in the United States.

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