Wondering about Adoption?

The Choice Is Yours…no doubt about that.

Many women know very little about the adoption choice for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption choices and the rights of birth mothers have changed a lot over the years. Maybe you have some misconceptions, too.

Adoption is a choice you make today for your baby’s tomorrow.

It is a brave, life-affirming choice. It requires backbone, courage, determination to choose a good future for your child at a time when you may not be certain you can do so yourself. It is your way, under hard circumstances, to demonstrate love to your child and offer your baby a future and hope.

Did you Know?

  • A woman can choose ongoing contact with an adoptive family?
  • A woman may select and then choose to meet the family she wishes to raise her child?
  • A woman can choose to receive pictures and letters about her child over the years?
  • A woman who is placing a child into a loving family she has chosen also gets to choose the amount of information she tells the adoptive family?

Forms of Adoption You May Choose:

Closed Adoption: Non-identifying information is shared with no expectation of contact with the child or the adoptive family. A woman still gets to choose the family into which she will place her child.

Semi-Open Adoption: Non-identifying information is shared; pictures, letters and gifts can be exchanged periodically through the adoption agency. A woman chooses and then can meet the adoptive family.

Open-Adoption: In addition the choosing and meeting an adoptive family for the baby, open contact is maintained directly between the birth family and the adopting family.

The Life is Precious. The Choice is Yours

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